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Welcome to the official site of the Lebanese Society of Allergy and Immunology (LSAI).

Established in 1997 as a scientific member society of the Lebanese Order of Physicians.

  • The Lebanese Society of Allergy/Immunology members are physicians who have received board certified training in Allergy/Immunology or analogous schooling and education in the field of Allergology and/or have met specific qualifications for elected membership.

  • The LSAI has throughout its relatively short existence stayed at the cutting edge of Allergy and Immunology.  From a small-sized scientific society, we have grown to become a well-recognized and respected national and regional society.

  • We have been rigorously delivering expert health care and education in our specialty, and strive for more achievements to benefit physicians and patients alike.


  • Advance the knowledge and practice of Allergy and Immunology through organized meetings, conferences and research.

  • Promote public awareness of the scope, prevalence and symptoms of allergic disease.

  • Promote expert knowledge and education in the management of allergic diseases which allow health care providers insight into the most effective strategies for the treatment and prevention of allergic and related immunologic diseases.

  • Conduct and supervise nationwide clinical research in allergy-related medical domains, thus providing physicians and the public more comprehensive knowledge of the specificities of allergies and allergic conditions in Lebanon.

  • Coordinate educational and clinical projects with regional and global sister Allergy/Immunology societies and organizations to enhance scientific knowledge and achieve highest standards.